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January 18, 2017

Doctors of BC bylaws referendum opened December 7th, 2016
→ Create a better working Association for all
Vote “For” both Special Resolutions

A referendum package is on its way with voting members due to have received their ballots via email by 11:30 AM December 7th. Voting closes tonight, at midnight.

By means of this site, together with emails and faxes that I will have sent out, I wanted people to be aware that

  • all proposals on which members will be asked to vote were developed by the Governance Committee and endorsed by the Board, and all of them have my full support.
  • the core proposal and enabling Special Resolution embody two key changes, namely
    • to move from a board of 39 directors to a board of 9 directors, and
    • to create a Representative Assembly (RA) of ~ 100 members to more fully advise the board
  • also contained is a simple proposal with its own Special Resolution to access the advantages, under the new Societies Act, of being a “member funded” society.

Elsewhere on this site, I have made or will make available:

Should you have questions or concerns, let me know. I’d be happy to work through them.

Jim Busser, MD

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